Previous Community Projects

CTID.pictureWay-finding Signage Study – FY11/12

When implemented properly, a way-finding program can reduce vehicle usage, improve safety, balance spending in all districts and help visitors discover landmarks they’d easily miss. As to not burden the City with the expense, the CTID commissioned a preliminary study on way-finding in Coronado.


CTID.PlayAcrosstheBayLocal Marketing Campaigns – FY11/12 Through FY15/16

The Executive Director presented his marketing recommendations for increasing the number of day-visits from San Diego. In July, the Local Marketing Subcommittee approved a new campaign titled “Come and Play Across the Bay.”


CTID.ChristmasHoliday Marketing Campaigns – FY15/16

The CTID spearheaded a radio campaign on 19 San Diego stations to promote visits during the holiday season. The 15-second commercials promoted seasonal things to do, see, buy and taste in Coronado. Radio was an ideal vehicle because of its affordability, broad demographic reach and repetition of message.


CTID.picture2Free Trolley Service – FY15/16

To lessen vehicle volume during the Coronado Island Film Festival in January, the CTID provided for a free trolley during the three-day event. The trolley shuttled guests between festival events, venues and after-parties. Not only was this convenient for festival guests, it reduced the number of vehicles in Coronado.


CTID.WelcomeCenterVisitor Center Website – FY14/15

The Board approved the development of a website for the Coronado Visitor Center that would serve as the landing page for CTID marketing campaigns. Each Coronado business that depends on visitors was provided a feature page on the website at no cost. The new website provided a digital copy of the Visitor Guide so guests could quickly acclimate themselves. It also promoted a Car Free Coronado initiative that encouraged non-vehicle options for visitors. To assure the assessment applied to this project was compatible with the CTID directives, the website included group meeting information and a listing of activities conventioneers

CTID.AppMobile App – FY12/13

As with all of its marketing tools, the CTID launched the Visit Coronado mobile app to improve hotel occupancy. It is intended to navigate overnight guests toward shops, restaurants, services, parks, museums and events beyond hotel property.


CTID.UberUber Campaign for Restaurant Week– FY15/16

In an effort to fill restaurant seats without filling parking spaces, the CTID partnered with Uber to provide 546 free rides to and from Coronado establishments participating in Restaurant Week. The marketing effort came at no cost to participating restaurants. experienced over 10,000 visits and most restaurants saw a revenue increase.


CTID.CarCoronado Community Event Promotion – FY14/15

The CTID voted to promote all of Coronado’s off-season events evenly in a much larger marketplace, Los Angeles. The Board approved a campaign that encouraged guests to plan a stay at one of the CTID hotels before, during or after an event. A campaign in Los Angeles Magazine was selected because it would generate 4.9 million impressions. This media exposure was provided at no cost to Coronado’s event organizers.


CTID.RescueCoast Guard Search & Rescue Demonstration – FY 14/15 and FY 15/16

During the afternoon of July 4th, the CTID revived a long-lost tradition in Coronado. After a 13-year hiatus, a spectacular search and rescue demonstration returned to Glorietta Bay followed by paratroopers flying an American flag. The CTID absorbed the costs so the United States Coast Guard (and a team of retired military) could entertain hotel guests and residents alike.


Valet Program – Beta Test – FY16/17

To relieve traffic on Orange Avenue, the CTID Board approved funding a summer beta-test for a valet program utilizing the Bank of America parking garage on Orange and Avenue B.

Result: 1,869 cars were parked during the 60-day beta period at no expense to the City of Coronado.

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