1. How much are local businesses charged to join Discover Coronado?

Discover Coronado is not an association such as the Chamber of Commerce, it is a non-profit organization that positions Coronado as an ideal destination for conventions during the off-season. The efforts are paid for by an assessment collected at four Coronado hotels. Businesses large and small benefit from the efforts of Discover Coronado when conventioneers frequent shops and dine at local restaurants, but are not charged in any way.

2. How are funds distributed?

Although the majority of its funding is used to promote groups to visit Coronado, a portion of the budget is allocated to community improvements such as the traffic-relieving Free Summer Shuttle Program, local shopping brochures and the artistic banners that line Coronado’s main business district.

3. Does Discover Coronado promote summer vacations in Coronado?

No.  It never has.  Since July 2010, Discover Coronado had focused on the off-season.  The months between September and May (“the shoulder season”) are a time of need for local hotels and businesses.  For over five years the Advisory Board has concentrated all efforts to bring groups, meetings, conventions and visitors to Coronado in the off-season.

4. Who is your actual client base?

Although tourism is in our legal name, our focus is exclusively businesses, conferences and event planners.  These provide a better gain for hotels as they pay for meeting space, food and beverage and excursions.  Groups also primarily book in the off-season and mid-week plus arrive by mass transit.

5. How is the success of Discover Coronado measured?

Each year, Discover Coronado provides an Annual Report to City Council that recaps the achievements from the previous year.  It outlines the quantity and quality of the conventions booked as well as their projected ROI.  In the same Report is detailed information about Discover Coronado’s programs to help the community, local organizations and nearby businesses.

6. How does the City of Coronado monitor Discover Coronado?

Each spring, Coronado’s City Council reviews our Annual Report, Service Plan and Budget. Once they are approved, Discover Coronado is bound to a special services agreement that outlines our goals, the strategies we utilize and the expected results. Each quarter the City receives a summary that outlines how Discover Coronado is fulfilling the terms of the agreement in attracting conventions, groups and visitors. The report also indicates the quarterly accomplishments of Discover Coronado and the scope of work being done. The City is also given quarterly financial reports generated by an independent accounting firm.


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